Interior Columns

When you’re building and designing a beautiful architectural project that involves interior columns, Melton Classics is the only place to go. Melton’s offers the industry’s largest and most comprehensive selection of interior columns across our entire country. Whether your project is a small cottage or a grand scale mansion, Melton Classics has the perfect interior columns collection that will contain the perfect interior columns you’ve been envisioning.  If your project calls for interior columns with an architectural entasis taper, simple straight tapered columns, or some non-tapered round interior columns, we carry what you’re looking for. Custom interior columns are what we’re all about and our staff of experienced design specialist can help you transform your drawings to the actual interior columns you’ve been dreaming about. If you have an existing drawing of the interior columns for your project, fax it to us for a quotation.  We will prove to you that you won’t find a better value anywhere when it comes to your interior columns.

Our vast selection includes interior columns, wood columns, GFRC columns, precast columns, interior columns, column covers and column wraps. Melton Classics also offers round columns and engaged pilasters to compliment our round column fiberglass designs. Feel free to call one of our experienced interior columns specialists at 800-963-3060 for a free consultation. Let are knowledgeable team members us give you a quote on the interior columns you need so you can see for yourself how well we can meet your budget.

Our selection of materials, designs and available finishes are the most comprehensive selection that you’ll find in the industry. With such a wide variety of product, we know it’s even more vital to have experienced interior columns specialist to advise you of all that’s available to you for your selection of interior columns. With our endless selection of materials, finding the material will fit your individual application is easy. If you need guidance on choosing the right product for your job, let us explain to you why it might be more advantageous for you to choose one material or design over another.

Interior Columns selection

The selection of interior columns that are offered by Melton Classics are the industry standard for design and quality. Our interior columns are crafted in your choice of quality column materials including fiberglass, wood, GFRC and fiberglass and stone composites. Our interior columns are also available in a limitless selection of column designs. When it comes to purchasing the interior columns for your project, it’s clear that the only choice is Melton Classics. With an endless selection and knowledgeable specialists on staff to help, you’ll get the exact interior columns that will best suit your beautiful home.  Visit us today at and see why we lead the way in the column industry.

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