Melton Classics, Inc. FiberWound Classic™ Filament Wound Fiberglass Column Tuscan/Doric Column Installation Instructions

  1. Determine position of plinth by dropping a plumb line from center of beam to deck. This will determine center point of plinth so that shaft will align properly with beam. 
  2. Set non-corrosive dowels in deck at opposite corners of plinth to prevent movement of plinth. 
  3. Set plinth over dowels and check level. If deck is pitched, level plinth with a fine toothed saw or abrasive saw. 
  4. Slide plinth and base onto column shaft from the top of shaft and into position at the bottom of shaft. If base and plinth will not slide easily into position at the bottom of the column, scribe inside edge of each component. 
  5. Place capital on top of column shaft. Scribe as necessary. (For Ornamental Capitals see special instructions). 
  6. After pre-fitting capital, base and plinth, measure height at column location from beam to deck and trim column shaft to final length from bottom (end with largest diameter). Column shaft should extend from floor to beam for load bearing applications. Use abrasive blade or fine toothed carbide blade power saw. 
  7. Mount metal angle brackets at 90 degrees to one another to four sides of the bottom and top of the column shaft. Pre-drill holes for the angle brackets in the bottom of the column shaft and attach brackets with non-corrosive through bolts and nuts. (Note: Do not screw into column shaft use through bolts. Use toggle bolts for attachment of handrails to column shaft.) 
  8. Lift column assembly into position under the beam, and fasten angle brackets to beam and deck. 
  9. Remove temporary load bearing support to allow weight to be transferred to the column shaft. (Note: Be sure that weight is transferred evenly to the full area of both column ends and that both column ends are in full contact with the deck and beam for maximum load bearing performance. ) 
  10. Pre-drill capital and attach capital to beam using non-corrosive fasteners and construction adhesive. 
  11. Pre-drill and attach square plinth to column base using non-corrosive fasteners. If additional fastening is desired, apply construction adhesive between the base and plinth. 
  12. Repair any screw holes or nicks occurring during installation with fiberglass repair kit. 
  13. Insert polypropylene backer rope into joint between column capital and base where they meet the column shaft. Caulk joint where capital and base meet shaft with premium grade paintable caulk. 
  14. Immediately after installation, apply Alkyd oil base primer and two coats of premium oil based paint to all exterior surfaces.