Melton Classics, Inc. FiberWound Classic™ Filament Wound Fiberglass Column Ornamental Capital Installation Instructions

  1. Ornamental Capitals are manufactured from industrial grade ornamental plaster composition with fiber reinforcement. These capitals are non-load bearing and are supplied with a wooden capital plug (shipped separately from capital). The plug should be approximately 1/8″ (+-) taller than the capital. Use the load bearing plug when installing load bearing and non-load bearing ornamental capitals. 
  2. Thoroughly coat all areas of the capital (both inside and outside) with one coat of high quality oil base primer and two coats of oil based paint. 
  3. Prior to capital installation make a mark indicating the center of the plug supports on the interior of the column shaft for use later in pre-drilling pilot holes for capital attachment. Also, apply paintable lifetime caulk to the bottom of the capital prior to setting it in place on top of the column shaft. 
  4. Install the capital with capital plug onto the top of the column shaft. Ensure that the capital plug is centered on the shaft, and that it is in direct contact with all plug supports on the interior of the column shaft. 
  5. In several places around the capital, pre-drill and countersink pilot holes through the capital and capital plug into the plug supports inside the column shaft in a downward direction. Attach the capital plug to the plug supports through the pilot holes using non-corrosive fasteners. 
  6. In several places around the column shaft, pre-drill and countersink a pilot hole through the top of the pre-marked plug support locations on the column shaft and plug support into the capital plug in an upward direction. Attach capital plug to column shaft through pilot holes using non-corrosive fasteners. 
  7. Install flashing (by others) to the top of the capital and capital plug, and turn down over the edge of capital to form a drip edge. 
  8. For load bearing applications, slowly lower weight of beam onto the top of the capital plug so that weight is concentrically applied to the entire surface of the plug. The ornamental capital is non-load bearing. All weight should be borne by the load bearing capital plug. For non-load bearing applications where column, capital and capital plug have been split and tabbed for reassembly, capital plug should be used for attachment purposes only. Split columns and plugs are non-load bearing. 
  9. Apply lifetime paintable caulk to the area where the plug meets the beam, and follow finishing instructions for composition ornamental capitals using oil based primer and paint.