Melton Classics, Inc. MarbleTex™ Balustrade System Post to Post Installation Instructions

1. Layout newel post locations. Mark an outline of the bottom of each post at each location on the deck.

2. Install newel connection materials (by others) to deck. (wood post for wood deck, rebar or threaded rod for masonry deck , or metal pipe with pipe flange for roof deck).

3. Cut and number a dedicated template from each end of every rail section for use as a template for marking connector pin locations. Measure railing lengths and cut 1/4″ shorter than opening to allow 1/8″ minimum gap on each end for an expansion joint. Note: Failure to allow for expansion can cause cracking or deformation of the system.

4. Determine how many balusters per rail section are needed for local code requirements. Compliance with code requirements is the responsibility of the installing contractor.

5. Due to shrinkage balusters may vary slightly in overall height. Measure each baluster and use like sized balusters in each run.

6. Measure and mark centers for each baluster location in precut rail sections. Place the first baluster at desired spacing from each end of the bottom rail for your code spacing and evenly space the rest of the balusters in that section. For rails that do not intersect perpendicular to a newel post or wall, place the first baluster approx. 1″ from the post or wall for best appearance.

6. Drill holes for baluster pipe locations in bottom rail sections. Use minimum 1″ carbide or diamond hole saw/drill bit combination with 1/4″ center pilot drill bit as plumb may vary in baluster pipe. Swimming the drill in a circle while drilling will simplify removing the marble rail plug.

Tip: Delay drilling for balusters and installing rail connectors in one section on each end of the balustrade until the rest of the system is in place to allow for any adjustment that may be necessary.

Tip: If electrical wiring is to be run through the system, put a pilot wire through rail prior to installation of rail connectors to allow wiring to be installed later.

7. For two pin connectors, apply PVC pipe cement to the interior of the pipe in each bottom rail section and on the outside of the railing connector. Insert rail connector in rail quickly and align before cement sets. For two pin connectors, recess bracket 1/4″ into the rail. For one pin connectors, apply adhesive to each of the two spring encased pins and insert in the two PVC pipes in each rail section. Note: For installation of two pin connectors where railings do not intersect perpendicular to newel posts, align railing connection pins vertically.

8. Apply adhesive to the bottom of post liberally. Position the post over post/deck connection as marked in item #1 and check level. Shim as required.

9. Locate dedicated rail connector template and mark hole locations in newel posts. Pre drill holes in newel posts for the bottom rail connection.

10. Install drainage spacers approximately three feet on center between newel posts. After marking spacer locations on deck, apply adhesive to the bottom of each drainage spacer and press in place. Quickly apply adhesive to top of drainage spacer and install bottom rail. Align spacers with bottom rail.

11. Temporarily insert a baluster in the two extreme baluster hole locations in the bottom rail. Place top rail in position on balusters and mark top rail connector locations on newel post using the previously installed rail connector as a guide.

12. Remove top rail and drill holes in newel post. Note: For electrical wiring drill center hole also.

13. Apply adhesive to edge of each hole in the bottom rail (1/4″ bead at edge of hole).

14. Place balusters in each hole in bottom rail, and wipe off any excess adhesive.

15. Install rail connector in top rail.

16. Apply adhesive around pipe on top of baluster.

17. Install top rail starting from one end and aligning each pipe with pre drilled holes. Wipe off excess adhesive. Note: Be sure to check to see if both connector pins are secured in the holes in the newel post.

18. Immediately check balusters for square before glue sets.

19. On the inside of the newel post, apply adhesive or caulk to fill any gaps between connector pins and newel post at connector holes.

20. Install lanterns or other electrical lighting prior to setting newel post.

21. Recheck newel post for level. Fill center hole in newel post at least 1/2 full of concrete. Allow to set.

22. For finial installation, pre drill 3/8″ hole in post cap, apply adhesive to bottom of finial and bolt onto post cap. Wipe off excess adhesive.

23. Apply a 1/4″ bead of adhesive to the inside top edge of each newel post. Install newel post cap and wipe off excess adhesive.

24. Insert expansion joint rope in the expansion joint on each end of the top and bottom rail. Recess 1/4″ for best caulk bead adhesion.

25. Clean entire system with scrub brush and Simple Green Cleaner to remove any dirt or stains that occurred during installation. Use fine sandpaper for stubborn stains.

26. Caulk the expansion joint between rail and newel posts, and the rail and the end of the top and bottom of all balusters.


IMPORTANT : Melton Classics MarbleTex™ Balustrades & Columns are a prefinished product. Protect from dirt and stains during installation.