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Fiberglass Composite Columns by Melton Classics

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Our popular DuraClassic™ Fiberglass Composite Columns are cast entirely here in the USA from our durable fiberglass reinforced poly/marble composite in a wide array of classical and contemporary architectural column designs. DuraClassic™ fiberglass composite columns are part of our line of most durable and affordably priced fiberglass columns. They also are load bearing, or they can be factory split for simple installation as a beautiful column cover.

Why Construction Professionals Buy Our Fiberglass Composite Columns

Architects nationwide select our beautiful classically authentic DuraClassic™ Fiberglass Composite Columns for their impact resistance, ASTM E-84-01 fire rating and lifetime warranty. Building contractors like the affordable price, and ease of installation, as well. These durable Fiberglass Composite Columns are often specified by architects for high wear projects like apartments, government housing facilities and schools due to the superior durability and performance characteristics, but our customers are similarly impressed with the architecturally correct classic beauty, as well. To specify DuraClassic™ poly/marble Fiberglass Composite Columns for your project click the technical tab to see our 3 part architectural specification.

Extensive Selection of Fiberglass Composite Columns Styles and Designs

If you would like to see design photos of our beautiful Fiberglass Composite Columns or project installation idea photos, please click the designs or photos tabs above. We offer round or square shaft fiberglass composite columns both tapered and non-tapered in a variety of designs to meet any design requirement. We also offer an extensive selection of beautiful and crisply detailed capitals and bases to enhance the beauty of your home or building project. Melton Classics has a beautiful column design to meet your design needs.

What To Look For In Selecting Your Fiberglass Composite Columns

Our DuraClassic™ Fiberglass Composite Columns are sold with our impact resistant poly/marble composite fiberglass shafts, capitals and bases for added durability where it counts. Most other column companies include a cheap polyurethane foam cap and base with their Fiberglass Composite Columns to lower the cost. Be sure to ask about the capitals and bases when you are shopping for columns. These cheap foam parts are for the most part made in China, and are susceptible to dents and breakage, and a woodpecker or a puppy can quickly destroy these soft foam column parts. For the industry standard in quality and design at affordable prices, insist on DuraClassic™  Poly/Marble Fiberglass Composite Columns by Melton Classics.

Call for a Free Consultation and Quotation

For a free consultation and quotation on DuraClassic Fiberglass Composite Columns for your home, school or commercial building, call one of our experienced column specialists who will assist you with the selection of the ideal quality Melton Classics fiberglass composite columns for your design, application and budget.

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