If you’re a builder, designer or homeowner looking for a column that is carefully crafted, look no further than Melton Classics. We have the widest selection available of crafted column choices. Are column selections come in a dozen different materials. Our column choices have been unsurpassed in design details and quality for over two decades. Whether you need an authentically designed column for your project or a contemporary column, no other column manufacturer can offer you the selection that Melton Classics can. The column collection we manufacturer are crafted for residential, commercial and multi-family projects across the US and Canada. Melton Classics columns are the columns of choice for the most detail focused builders and designers. Their column collections are unsurpassed in craftsmanship and affordability.

To work with your custom column application and your building budget, we offer multiple fiberglass column products. DuraClassic Composite Fiberglass Columns are backed by a lifetime warranty, and are cast from impact resistant poly/marble composite and are our most affordable columns for columns from 6” in diameter up to 12” diameter. For two story columns, we offer our ClassicGlas FiberResin Fiberglass Columns which are also backed by a lifetime warranty and are manufactured for a low cost installation on projects that call for larger columns. These column choices offer both load bearing and column cover applications to work with your individual building and design application.

Melton Classics offers maintenance free MarbleTex Synthetic Stone Columns which have been impregnated with integral coloration throughout the stone so that it requires no painting. Our FiberCrete GFRC Column collection can be supplied for or prefinished or paint finish to appear just like stone. We also offer our ClassicWood Wood Columns in stain grade and paint grade, in a vast selection of woods.

Column Builder Choices

Come by for a complimentary consultation and find out why builders whom are looking for the best column choices go nowhere else but Melton Classics.  Our knowledgeable column designers can be reached at 800-963-3060 toll free. We look forward to the opportunity to assist you in making your column building project a success.

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